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Two Wheel Electric Self-Balancing Unicycle ATV Model PEX01
Detailed profile



Net Weight: 58kg
Dimension: 90cm*52cm*63cm
Battery: 48V 14Ah Lead-Acid  Battery
Voltage: 100-240V
Motor Power: 2000 Watts (2*1000w/pc)
Tire: 19*7-8inch shock-absorb tire
Height of Handle: 80-110cm Adjustable
Maximum Load: 150kg
Maximum Speed: 20km/h
Maximum Mileage: 30-35km
Height of Footplate: 10 in/26cm
Maximum Height of Above Ground: 13cm
Maximum Climb Capability: 40 Degree
Minimum Turning Radius: 0
Standard Pressure of Tire: 250kpa
Battery Show: LCD Screen Percent display
Charging Time: 6-8h
Package Size: 90cmx52cmx63cm
Gross Weight: 63.00kg


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